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Welcome to Post-Lisas butik!

Lie back and relax in my cozy treatment room in Sannerud, 80 km south of Örebro. Take in the wonderful energies from Lake Unden and recharge your batteries. Treat yourself to some time for yourself, far away from the demands of everyday life. I work with angel healing, Kilden's healing massage, Mindful Tapping, and the Emotion Code. These are all body-orientated treatments that help your body to find its way back to a state of inner peace and harmony.

Would you rather go out for a walk in the forest? Join me on one of my meditation walks!

You will find more information about me, my work, and my products in the menu on the left. I am still working on translating my homepage into English, so it may take some time before all of my information is available here in English.

Soon I will be giving sessions in the Body Code! More information will be posted here soon!

Do you have an animal friend who could use an energy boost or help with healing? Let me know! I work with mammals, birds, and fish.

Are you looking for a hand-made gift? Check out my products under "Post-Lisas design"! I make dolls and other handicrafts from as much local material as possible.

For more information about me, my products, and my services, please get in touch with me:

0768-99 07 69

Please note that the sound is turned off on my phone when I am working. Please leave a message on my voice mail or send me a text message. I check my e-mail in the evenings. I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!

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